This Wednesday, get ready for new Test with Devs!

Join us at 5pm CET for one hour in game to test a new game mode and give us your feedback!

In this new mode, you will start with 40 Gold on your character. If you kill an opponent, he will lose and drop 10 Gold that everyone can catch for themselves. At the end of the game, the team with the most Gold win. Your character can carry a maximum of 200 Gold and you can continue to play even if you have no gold left on you.

Don’t forget, we are testing a new game mode. Therefore, we may encounter some issues during our one hour test and it’s normal. We are currently working on this mode but we want to share our progress with you and have your opinion 😊

To reach this new mode during this event, go in Gold Rush. The mode will appear randomly in the maps’ playlist.

Meet us in game Wednesday, March 29th at 5pm CET!