Great news everyone !

BATTLECREW Space Pirates is now available with a FREE version on Steam!

After 5 months of Early Access, we’re incredibly excited about making the game available to many more players around the world! A big thank you to our community for helping us make this happen!


-Free players can now join the BATTLECREW community! They will have access to the full content of the game and be offered 5 game credits each day which will allow them to test the game.

– Players who own the Unlimited version can play with no limitation and even offer credits to whomever they wish! They can also create crews and invite their friends or get invited! – Everyone who played BATTLECREW before July 10th will automatically be rewarded with the DELUXE Edition of the game which contains 24 exclusive Pirate Skins!

– 18 unique maps already unlocked, 9 maps for the Gold Rush mode and 9 maps for the Team Deathmatch mode. More to unlock by the community through our Pirate Bounties system

– Each week, the champion of the week before will have his name above the Leaderboards pods for the Gold Rush and Team Deathmatch modes!

Check out our FAQ here:

Other improvements with our UPDATE 1.10, find the full patch note here: