Pirates, we just released a new update!

Thank you so much for playing. Following your feedback, we’ve fixed and improved the game particularly for the free users!
They can now create crews, and credits are now 10 each day instead of 5!
We also have some new amazing Sci-Fi Skins for our heroes available on the store 🙂

Have a look:

Patch Note:

Update 1.12


– Free users can now create crews, invite their friends or be invited! They need at least 1 credits to do so but it’s now possible! Note that this version is beta, if you encounter any issues, please let us know on the Steam forum.
– Free users have now 10 credits each day to play instead of 5!
– New Sci-Fi Skins are now available in store!
– The game now launches by default on average graphics quality (first launch only)


– Fixes an issue on the pause menu when opening it
– Fixes a very rare crash on the information update of credits
– Fixes typo in credits
– Fixes an animation bug when using a taunt
– Fixes a bug on the end menu, there is no overlapping information on the score screen anymore
– The purchase button is now visually different when a purchase has been done
– Proper save of all the skins’ choices of the player