Update 1.07 out now!

Hi Pirates, We've just released a new update with many improvements! We added a textual chat in game on Tortuga as well as in Gold Rush and Team Deathmatch modes. You can chat with people even if you don’t have a headset! Check out our tutorials! You can now see your best time after finishing one [...]

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A new Pirate Bounty just appeared!

Pirates, A new Pirate Bounty just appeared! Reach 1200 Bounty Points with the community to unlock the Piratrix Green map! It is an exclusive map for the Team DeathMatch Mode! Good luck!

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New map unlocked in game!

Pirates, Congrats! You've unlocked a new Pirate Bounty! The map Piratrix Purple is now available for you to explore in the Team Deathmatch Mode! Go fight other pirates into this strange place filled with weird cubes! And don’t forget our Dev Talk on Monday. Join us on Facebook Live and play with you on this [...]

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