New map unlocked in game!

Pirates, Congrats! You've unlocked a new Pirate Bounty! The map Cold Mountains Temple is now available for you to explore in the Gold Rush Mode! Located on the cold hemisphere of Planet Gemini while Skull Temple is at the opposite end, Cold Mountains Temple is an old sanctuary. Now deserted, this place remains very dangerous… [...]

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A new map to unlock for the GoldRush mode!

Pirates, The last Pirate Bounty with the map Piratrix Green for the Team Deathmatch mode haven’t been unlocked before the end of the challenge! Don’t worry pirates! You will have another chance later! A new Pirate Bounty is now live for the GoldRush mode this time! Reach 1200 Bounty Points with the community to unlock [...]

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Update 1.06 out now!

We've just released a new update! It is a small update which contains some fixes and improvements. We are working on a new mode, please, come test it with us today, during our weekly event Test with Devs at 5pm CET! For the full patch notes, please visit: Have fun in game!

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Test with Devs! Join us to test a new game mode!

This Wednesday, get ready for new Test with Devs! Join us at 5pm CET for one hour in game to test a new game mode and give us your feedback! In this new mode, you will start with 40 Gold on your character. If you kill an opponent, he will lose and drop 10 Gold [...]

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Our update 1.05 is live!

Hi Pirates, Our update 1.05 is live! This new update brings different fixes and improvements such as the bots AI. They will now answer when you call for help and make a better use of their skills and furies. Some cool new options in the video settings menu and other changes can be consulted on [...]

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Update 1.04: Customizable Keyboard binding!

Hey Pirates, Our update 1.04 is live! Many players asked us for the possibility to customize the Keyboard binding so we worked on it and added a first version in this update! We will improve it so please, give us your feedback! We also have adjusted the bots with new difficulty levels. They will adapt [...]

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Update 1.03: TEAM DEATHMATCH MODE and 2 new languages now live!

Hi Pirates, Our update 1.03 is live! This update brings a new mode : 2 vs 2 Team Deathmatch! You can now try it with two new maps : Trashtuga Zone 1 and Trashtuga Zone 2. No need to steal gold there! In this mode, compete in 2 vs 2 and kill as many opponents [...]

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Dark Skin Challenge!

Pirates, You already have the Gold Skin and you are looking for a new challenge? You can now try to unlock the Dark Skins for your heroes in game! Go in Team Deathmatch mode and win several matches to unlock a new skin for the character you’re playing with, the Dark Skin! Ready to be [...]

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New Pirate Bounty! Unlock the Piratrix Purple map!

  Pirates, have you looked at the “Bounty” pod in Tortuga? A new Pirate Bounty is on! You can now try to unlock the Piratrix Purple map! It is an exclusive map for the Team DeathMatch Mode! Every day, complete the available quests with the rest of the pirate community to unlock this new map! [...]

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Play with Devs every Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 1st, we will start our new weekly meeting: Play with Devs! We will be in game with you every Wednesday at 5pm CET. Come fight us in Gold Rush or Team Deathmatch Mode! We might have some surprises to show you now and then ;-) Hope to see you there!

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